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What graduates of Steve Riley’s
Double Your Revenue™ workshop say:

Double Your Revenue™ is facilitated by
Steve Riley under his Coach for Life™ (CFL) division.


“When I first entered the room at the Double Your Revenue™ workshop and saw the diversified group of practice areas being represented there, I was concerned about how this process would work. How was our pilot, Steve, going to get us all on the same ‘plane,’ take us on the same journey and land us each on an airport where we could disembark with an action plan to begin the process of doubling the revenue of our respective law firms? I didn’t believe it was possible. Steve exhibited a masterful way of encouraging us, guiding us and inspiring us. When we returned to our office, we did get the results of doubling our revenue over the next two years. I am enthusiastic about recommending Steve’s coaching services.”

Rick L. Law
Law ElderLaw LLP, Aurora, IL

“In 2000, I joined a coaching program Steve had founded. The program changed my life completely. Steve inspired me to start my own law firm and helped me find strengths I could use to excel. Steve’s programs were always helpful and I always looked forward to attending. I admire Steve’s ability to build a team to accomplish great things. I admire Steve’s ability to focus on his strengths and to delegate everything else. Steve is one of the finest people I know.”

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Jon Graft
Graft Law Offices, Oakton, Va.


After having a flat period of 2003, 2004, and 2005, I was just plain frustrated with the practice of law. I just could not believe that this could be all there is, especially because by every normal standard, my firm was successful. My background is in petroleum engineering; I’m board certified in commercial and residential real estate law; I practice in Houston; and it seems like all wealth in Texas is either oil/gas or real estate. So what was I missing. After some soul searching I attended the Spring 2006 Double Your Revenue Workshop, and started working smarter. My practice in 2006 grew 60%, both billings and revenues, and without any net increase in staff. Of course some expenses increased, but I was able to pay the largest staff Christmas bonuses ever. We started having fun again.
You guys ROCK!

Carl Doré, Jr.
Board Certified – Commercial Real Estate Law
Board Certified – Residential Real Estate Law
Dore & Associates, Attorneys, P.C.

Since starting the Double Your Revenue program, my net income has increased dramatically, and I see more growth potential ahead. I have gained control over my practice, and I have seen the benefits of applying DYR principles at home. It’s been a life changing experience.

Karen Brady, Attorney
Arvada, CO

Steve Riley has provided me with a phenomenal tool to help me utilize my entrepreneurial skills and support staff so that I can realize my potential, personally and professionally. I recommend it highly and encourage anyone who has any question about its benefits to contact me personally.

David J. Zumpano, President & Founder
Medicaid Practice Systems

I started the Double Your Revenue program, like most other participants, with the run-of-the-mill goals of more money, less time, more satisfaction. I reached these goals and many, many more. The unique paradigms and practice tools we learn in each session have given me such focus and clarity about what I want to achieve and how to achieve it that I can easily assess where to apply my time and money. The confidence this clarity produces is incredible; the support and inspiration the group gives one another is priceless, and Steve’s teachings continue to help me grow and enrich my life.

Candace M. Pollock
Hahn & Pollock, LLC
Cleveland, OH

I have had vision and drive since I started my practice. What Steve Riley has given me is the tools to turn my vision and drive into effective, as opposed to erratic, action. Tools to communicate with my team, to focus my energy, to pull me out of a slump! Interestingly, as a by-product, my vision is sharper than ever. Now my energy about my business and my future is more focused and excited than before. Success is a head game. Confidence, vision, intensity, tenacity all live in our hearts and our heads. Steve has given me a language with which to communicate these ethereal things to myself and my team, as well as a method by which to turn these thoughts into productive action. I started my estate planning practice from thin air. I have no family history in the legal profession. I never interned or worked as an associate. I graduated law school and joined the National Network. The document creation system and educational programs gave me ways to practice law. Steve gave me a way to turn my practice into a business and took me from being a person owned by his profession to a person who owns businesses.

Kevin D. Quinn
Easthampton, MA

Steve Riley made me aware of time management, accountability, goal setting, relationship building, interview strategies, the Laser talk, measurable results, team service members and positive focus points. They do not teach you these things in law school and it may take you sever al years in the practice of law to figure them out, if you ever do. I am grateful for the teachers and the experience of the program. I encourage others to participate in it. It is worth the investment of time and money. You will likely keep your notes and materials and refer to them for inspiration and help once your formal learning experience is over.

Steve Newman
Newman, Comley & Ruth PC
Jefferson City, MO

Steve Riley’s program has accelerated my practice and improved the quality of my life. The program provides specific and measurable tools to assist in thinking strategically. The group format also acts as an indispensable catalyst and motivating force to help implement the strategies that will work best for a particular practice. The Double Your Revenue program is not about “tips and techniques” (although you will get some good ones), it is really a system for analyzing your current reality and helping you create the one you really want.

Bill Deitch
Law Office of William A. Deitch, P.C.
Wheaton, IL

What I wanted out of Double Your Revenue was the confidence to fully transition to estate planning. What I got out of the program was a devoted, visionary practice partner; a committed, energetic team; a multi-state estate planning practice; and a career that is fun, satisfying, and making a real difference in people’s lives.

Teresa Byrd Morgan
Bennett & Morgan, LLP
Lake City, FL

Steve Riley’s program has been the key to the tremendous growth in my business and increased effectiveness in my life. I have tripled my revenue in the 3-1/2 years since joining the program while increasing my free time exponentially. A program I enrolled in to grow my business has transformed my life, my future, and my relationship with my family and business team members.

Vincent E. Bonazzoli, P.C.
Lynnfield, MA

What I wanted out of Steve Riley’s program were tools to rebuild a law practice by design; what I got were tools to rebuild, transform, and live my life by design.

D. Bowen Loeffler
Loeffler & Wargo
Port Clinton, OH


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