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Don’t Be a Bridezilla — Just Pick Something

October 4, 2011

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I might have made my family and friends nuts (especially Mark Merenda at over how I eventually chose this site’s domain name.

I told my wife, Kristen, that I wanted her opinion. She gave it by saying, “What’s the big deal? Pick one, move on.”

When I tried to explain my difficulty, I said that picking a website name is probably akin to picking out a wedding dress. You can’t just pick any URL, you have to find the right one. To which Kristen replied with something entirely unbloggable. 

And then, my ever-practical wife reminded me how she actually rented her wedding dress. Yep, that’s right. We were incredibly broke when we married. Wedding dresses can be very expensive. To Kristen, there was but one obvious, and certainly practical, solution to not finding a beautiful dress we could afford: rent one. (I so love this woman.)

Back to me. As an attorney and a coach to lawyers, I have been involved in the birthing process of many a name for a new business, project or commercial endeavor. The trade marking, filing and protecting of names is something I know more than a little about.  Hence, my nuttiness with picking the best name for this site. 

Yes, I listened to Mark Merenda who is no doubt the smartest guy I know  of when it comes to this kind of stuff (hence the name of his company is Smart Marketing).

Yes, I watched that video by some Google web genius who said it did not matter what your URL actually is. What matters is content and branding.

Nonetheless, I came up with oodles of names and tried them all out on Mark, my wife, and anyone else I could get to sit down and listen to me blather about it.

Everyone had an opinion, but in the end Mark said this one would work best. This was the equivalent, I think, of him telling me that this dress did not make me look too fat. 

So, after gulping down a large Starbucks coffee and meditating to some Dave Brubeck tunes, I caved to peer pressure and finally picked one,

The explanation: If you are going to work at building a law practice, why not make it a great one?

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