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Atticus Practice Advisors like Steve Riley are highly skilled and experienced coaches who are also trained and certified in practice management systems for law firms. Atticus has designed a complete and proven set of systems that apply to any size law firm from a solo practitioner to a large firm.

As a Certified Atticus Practice Advisor, Steve will help you implement these systems that will transform your practice to the next level and serve your life. The focus of a good coach in the legal profession is to help the attorney take better care of their clients, increase their income, decrease their stress, and improve the quality of their life.

The coaching process is an on-going partnership that includes guidance and direction, training, regular follow-up and accountability. The coach is analogous to a golf pro that understands the terrain of the golf course, the fundamentals of the game, and knows how to teach you the basics of the game or how to advance your game. Like the golf pro, the coach stays with you as your game improves and ensures that you learn the basic skills to win on a regular basis. But, just as a golf pro is not for everyone who plays golf, an Atticus Practice Advisor is not for every attorney. You must have defined goals to accomplish, be frustrated with your current situation, committed to succeeding, and willing to do what it takes to move your practice to the next level of success.

Attorneys who use a coach such as Steve work to first get the practice and their priorities into clear focus. This often entails a mission statement, 10 year, 5 year, and 1year goals in the areas of fun, adventure, health, family, community, retirement, spirituality and finance. This is what Stephen Covey would call “putting first things first.” Atticus has found that unless one’s personal mission and goals are laid out on paper, the practice of law will dictate and control your life.

The coach will also conduct a diagnostic to determine your strengths and improvement opportunities. They will work on any critical or pressing issues in your practice, and then they will ensure that you develop strong positive habits in the following areas.

  • Time Management: This includes eliminating interruptions, delegating more effectively, structuring your days for maximum productivity, and becoming proactive throughout the day.
  • Client Development: Targeting high caliber, good paying clients, working with the best referral sources, learning how to speak powerfully in a way that attracts new clients, learning how to stay in action consistent with your personal beliefs and values.
  • Staffing: Implementing systems that attract, retain and leverage competent support staff, how to identify and eliminate destructive or unproductive employees, how to build and maintain a championship, high performing team.
  • Cash Flow: Attention is paid to how monies are generated, billed, collected, and utilized to maximize profitability as opposed to simply generating revenue.
  • Strategic Planning: Focus on how to have your entire team going in the right direction to create the life and practice of your choice.

Using practical real-world tips and techniques, Steve works with you to navigate the daily frustrations of operating a law practice and helps you implement the systems that will provide the control you need to transform your practice to a new level. Steve will regularly strategize with you to ensure that you don’t get blind-sided or miss exceptional opportunities.

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